PSVRlife 071: WipEout Omega Collection and Preta: Vendetta Rising


Episode 71 of the PSVRlife is live! This week we talk WipEout Omega and Preta: Vendetta Rising.

Upcoming games

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

2MD: VR Football (two minute drill)

Operation Warcade


Crazy Machines


Trackmania Turbo Free on Plus

Skyrim VR out on PC with mods

Shatter Everything!

Gridrunner and GoatUp (Jeff Minter from Polybius)

Virtual Rickality delayed. April 24

First PlayStation 5 Rumors Point To 8-Core Zen CPU and Navi GPU; Lots of Devkits Already Out

Definition of “Niggle”

3 thoughts on “PSVRlife 071: WipEout Omega Collection and Preta: Vendetta Rising

  1. hi guys,
    listening to you both talking Operation Warcade and the scrolling shooters that were a craze for a short while back in the late 80’s and Operation Wolf and Operation Thunderbolt were two of the most anticipated conversions coming to home consoles, I think I had mine on the Commodore64 playing it for hours on end even though it was nothing like the arcade, graphically struggling, slow down, trying to memorise the patterns that enemies appeared or crates/ammo would show up.

    I am happy for there to be a number of on the rails shooters on the PSVR, as long as the controls are good, with the VR Aim controller and something like a modern day Time Crisis or Virtua Cop sign me up, even a Confidential Mission sequel.

    Put trophies in for perfect shots, clearing of levels quickly and an online highscore table, just please don’t use the teleporting system as in Bravo Team.

    enjoying catching up on some older episodes whilst I am at work.
    trying to decide on the best driving game for PSVR. Driveclub VR or Dirt Rally VR, not happy about GT Sport VR having so little content and having to be always online.

    keep making the content,

  2. I have fingers crossed that GT Sport will still add more VR stuff. I’m glad we have as many racing games as we do already, but I still want something story driven like a Need for Speed, or Midnight Club.

    • Or how about a TOCA, spent many hours online just racing the formula ford, then for arcade racing update Outrun Coast to Coast.


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