PSVRlife 062: Snatch VR Heist and Ultrawings

Episode 62 of the PSVRlife is live! This week we talk Snatch, StarDrone, Accounting +, and Ultrawings.

Upcoming games

StarDrone Jan 17

Apex Contstruct Feb 20


50000 subs on /r/psvr

Playstation Firmware 5.5 beta signup

Patents on new move controller with finger tracking?

Top Downloads of 2017

  1. Job Simulator
  2. Superhot VR
  3. PlayStation VR Worlds
  4. I Expect You To Di
  5. Batman: Arkham VR
  6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  7. Fruit Ninja VR
  8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  9. Until Dawn: Rush of Blo
  10. Driveclub VR

Yaw VR – Portable Motion Simulator Seat