PSVRlife 088: Bow to Blood and 3 Million sold!

Episode 88 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and Kevin talk about the Transferrence Demo, Rec Room, Perfect, Vroom Kaboom, Electronauts, Track Lab, and Bow to Blood!

Upcoming games

Firewall Zero Hour – 8/28/18

Creed – 9/25/18

Bow to Blood – 8/28/18

The Wizards

Zone of Enders: The 2nd Runner – 9/4/2018

Ace Combat 7  Р1/18/2019

Crazy Machines

Astro-Bot Rescue Mission

Torn – 8/28/2018


3 Million PSVR

Metaworld VR (MetaVR)

Kevin’s Podcast!

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PSVRlife 070: WipEout Omega Collection VR

‚ÄčEpisode 70 of the PSVRlife is live! This week we talk Wipeout VR, Young Dumb and Broke, and No Heroes Allowed! VR.

Upcoming games

Ark Park

Salary Man Escape

Island Time – Apr 3

Preta: Vendetta Rising

Animal Force

Track Lab


GT Sport VR Time Trials

PS+ free games Trackmania

What went wrong with Bravo Team

CUH-ZVR2 bundle price drops

The Menagerie