PSVRLIFE 005: Full Tilt, Boogie, Reviews


Demos and missions and Werewolves; Oh My!

You are gonna like this episode, it’s good stuff. We talk about the new Ubisoft game Werewolves Within, the VR mission for Star Wars Battlefront, Sports Bar VR, and the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo.Conversation continues with controversial controls for Surgeon Simulator ER:VR, Sony boss Shuhei and PSVR sales, Eve Valkyrie Pro-patch, free Hypervoid for PS Plus users, and Schleis finally read the novel Ready Player One!

Danthol isn’t happy about the under-representation of VR in The Game Awards (congrats Rez Infinite, and PSX had some good demos. Make sure and stay tuned to the end of the show for the in-depth review of World War Toons!

Free World War Toons code. Check the Twitter and Facebook for a second chance!


PSVRLIFE 002: Flat games and Pro-life.


Another week, another PSVR podcast! This week we discuss new games Time Machine, Space Rift, and the The Martian Experience, the problems with current gaming media reviewing VR games like they were “flat” games, gamer’s ability to adjust to VR experiences and mitigating VR sickness, and sales numbers of Rift/Vive/GearVR/PSVR and what it means for new software development.

The discussion continues with “currently playing” games including Robinson the Journey, Batman, Super Hyper Cube, Headmaster, Trackmania VR, Eagle Flight, RIGS, and World War Toons. Danthol asks the question about the “placebo effect” of the graphics enhancements of the PS4 Pro on PSVR, and overall impressions of it’s impact on new and upcoming VR games. Our conversation rounds off with speculation about upcoming Ubisoft games Werewolves Within and Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Song at the end of the episode is “PSVR subreddit” by  Michael Brennan.

Enjoy the second episode with Co-hosts Danthol and Schleis! ?