PSVRlife 089: Firewall: Zero Hour!

Episode 89 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and Archie talk about Firewall: Zero Hour!

Recent releases

Catch & Release


Viking Days

Upcoming games



Downward Spiral: Horus Station

Ghost Giant

Other Stuff

Nipple aiming thread

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PSVRlife 047: Updated PS VR headset, Move controllers, and system software.

Episode 47 of the PSVRlife is live! This week we talk Castlestorm VR, DWVR, RIGS, and Darknet.

Upcoming games

Everest VR

Chernobyl VR Project

Syndrome coming Oct 6th

Raw Data Oct 10th


PS4 5.0 Update Trophies now pop on screen!

Updated PSVR Unit Announced October 14th Japan

Improved Move controller with micro-USB charging port and better battery life announced

Andrew House Leaves Sony After 27 Years

VR Horror ‘Mindtaker’


Infinite Minigolf free Pirate theme DLC

Palmer Luckey Experimenting With VR Directly Into The Nervous System

Halo VR Recruit

PSVRLIFE 015: Joshua Bell Experiences

Hello again! It’s the fifteenth episode of the PSVR Life podcast! This week, we talk about the Joshua Bell Experience, Pinball FX2 VR, RE7 (still), RE7 DLC, For Honor beta, and VR Ping Pong.

Making of Joshua Bell Experience

Mr Wizard is a dick.

We follow up the conversation with upcoming titles VR Tennis online, Rhombus of Ruin, Unearthing Mars, Dirt Rally VR, and StarBlood Arena. Sony patents Roomscale tracking for PSVR, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Project Bad Ass”

PSVRLIFE 014: Hands On Ping Pong And Stick

Silicon is the 14th element and without it, we certainly wouldn’t have the 14th episode of the PSVR Life podcast []). This week we talk about VR Ping Pong, the 4.50 beta patch, and the netflix available movie “The Call Up“.
News stories include ​Boost mode, ​patch 4.5 improvements with cinema mode, Final Fantasy PSVR still in works, Studio Roqovan working with SNK. new startup Dream Reality Interactive, Littlestar updated, Eve Valkyrie HOTAS and free updates. We end with a discussion of this article on UploadVR.
Tune in later this week for an exclusive interview with Starship Disco developer Richard Stenson.

PSVRLIFE 010: Advanced rope and hot balls.

Wow, it’s episode 10! We’ve finally reached the double digits! This week, Danthol and Schleis talk about Waddle Home, Windlands, Eagle Flight, Driveclub, and Rush of Blood. We also speculate about rumored upcoming games Knockout League, Earth Defense 5, Sword Art Online, Disaster Report, and Detroit: Become Human.

Sony has released the top ten PSVR downloads, we talk about demos in VR and how they might be improved, the Resident Evil candle, and be sure to check out the Dead or Alive video we were laughing about on the episode.


PSVRLIFE 009: Vrjournalism and Pretentiousness

The first episode of the PSVR life podcast of 2017, and this is another great episode. This week we talk about Headmaster, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Radial-G: Racing Evolved, Apollo 11 VRDying: Reborn, and Resident Evil 7. This week’s news stories include continued limited availability of the PSVR headset (especially internationally), limited release of the youtube 1.09 VR mode patch (neither Danthol nor Schleis have it yet), Lethal VR gets and Windlands get a Pro patch, and a man is bamboozled with a t-shirt and water bottles in his purchased PSVR. Danthol also gives several reviews of Jaunt videos and experiences.

Two special segments this episode! First segment is a discussion of this Gizmodo article. Second segment is a top ten list of New Terms for VR. This is a link for Mercerism, the religion in Do Androids Dream. There was some contention of what “judder” is; this link should help clear it up. The name of the Wright brother’s airplane was the “1903 Flyer”.

PSVRLIFE 007: Stabbing Bananas and Vertical Explosion.

Episode 007 is here for your Listening pleasure!

This week we talk about new releases Lethal VRFruit Ninja, Rollercoaster Dreams. News stories are Crytek closing studio locations, the Power Rangers Experience, and no Final Fantasy XV VR mode in December. We speculate about the new YouTube 1.09 patch as well as other new/upcoming/failed video and media player apps on the PS Store.

In this episode, we also introduce a new segment “Life Choices”, and break down our top ten games to buy from 2016.

2.Eagle Flight
3.Werewolves Within
4.Pinball FX2 VR
7.I Expect You To Die
8.Driveclub VR
9.Robinson: The Journey

PSVRLIFE 006: Procedurely generated, apparently.


Another week, another episode of the PSVR life podcast, and we have a ton-o-fun on this one.

We chat about upcoming games: online multiplayer Starblood Arena, arcade shooter Super Vectroids, puzzler Fantastic Contraption,  and cross-platform collection Herocade.

Werewolves Within, the fun and sometimes awkward and offensive party game takes up a significant portion of the conversation again. Harmonix didn’t forget about Dre, new release “Perfect”, isn’t, and I Expect You to Die really expects you to have a good time.

We totally fanboy about the PSVR outselling Vive and Rift, discuss the  “Classic” mode and mystery content coming to BattlezoneKill X is a weird game from China (or Japan), Moto Racer 4 only has an “included” VR mode, and hopes that Star Trek Bridge Crew is another great social game round off the show.

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PSVRLIFE 005: Full Tilt, Boogie, Reviews


Demos and missions and Werewolves; Oh My!

You are gonna like this episode, it’s good stuff. We talk about the new Ubisoft game Werewolves Within, the VR mission for Star Wars Battlefront, Sports Bar VR, and the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo.Conversation continues with controversial controls for Surgeon Simulator ER:VR, Sony boss Shuhei and PSVR sales, Eve Valkyrie Pro-patch, free Hypervoid for PS Plus users, and Schleis finally read the novel Ready Player One!

Danthol isn’t happy about the under-representation of VR in The Game Awards (congrats Rez Infinite, and PSX had some good demos. Make sure and stay tuned to the end of the show for the in-depth review of World War Toons!

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PSVRLIFE 004: PSVR life hacks, Pinball, and downgraded forecasts.


Holy cats, it’s another episode of the PSVR life podcast! This week we talk about the new releases Pinball FX2, Crystal Rift, and How We Soar.

Other topics include the death of VRIDEO, SuperData downgrading sales expectations of the PSVR, knock-off VR headsets, instore VR demo fails, custom pinball controller mod, and a PSVR Pro-tip!

Enjoy the episode, and email, leave a voicemail, and check out the facebook and twitter!