PSVRLIFE 030: Continuing Missions, Special Delivery, and E3 Predictions

Hello everybody! Episode 30 is here and with E3 coming up next week, we try to predict what Sony (and others) have up their sleeves. This week we dive into the Ancient Amuletor demo, continue our missions on Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and Schleis lights more money on fire ? with the purchase of Special Delivery. Coincidentally we both end up playing games from our insanely large back catalog; Danthol gets back behind the wheel in Driveclub VR and Schleis plays god with suicidal parishioners in Tethered.

Upcoming games we tear apart this week are Overturn VRTheseusAriel, and Arizona Sunshine gets a release date!

Videos and links we talk about on the show

1 million PSVR HMDs sold

5.2 million PSVR games sold

May’s Top Downloads

Breaking Bad VR Experience Being Developed By Vince Gilligan in Conjunction with AMC and Sony

Mars 2030

Brookhaven AIM support coming soon

Farpoint + Baha Men = WIN


PSVRLIFE 022: Dreams of HOTAS

Hey everybody, it’s time for episode twenty two of the PSVR Life podcast! This week, we talk about Mortal Blitz​, EVE Valkyrie, EVE Gunjack, Leave the Nest, Darknet, The Playroom VR, and Virry VR.

We also discuss upcoming games Starblood Arena​, VR Invader​, Giant Cop​, Bridge Crew​, Arizona Sunshine​, Monowheels​, and Herocade.

​News stories include EVE new “stealth” ship class​, CCP about to break even on Valkyrie sales, EVE Valkyrie releasing “Groundrush” free expansion, and the potential of the mCable HDMI upscaler 120hz Gaming Cable​. We finish off with a story of an indie dev giving away sourcecode for his game “Being a Bird”​ and we ask if the new Mac Pro will be VR ready.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

I’m Poppy Video
Dan’s Snek Video
Kill your darlings.
Ho-tas vs Hot-ass


PSVRLIFE 021: Playing Past the Platinum

Hey podcast listeners! It’s episode twenty one of The PSVR Life podcast; finally able to drink legally and responsibly! This week we chat about our continuing battle to get the Leave the Nest Platinum Trophy. We also chat about the new releases we both bought: Korix and Fated: The Silent Oath.

Continuing our coverage of upcoming games we chat about Dick WildeMortal Blitz, and Polybius.

We cover news on Kowloon’s Gate PSVRThe Invisible Hours, and friend of the show, Rico at Solus games previews Demon Grade demo at SVVR LIVE.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

Epic Rap Battle:Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

Mortal Blitz

Gear VR

Personal Space in VR

PSVRLIFE 020: You can find the coordinates on my desk… NOT

Hello listeners! It’s the twentieth episode of The PSVR Life podcast! This week we chat about how much we like Leave the Nest & how Danthol might finally get his first platinum trophy. Vote for who you think will get it first, Danthol or Schleis.

Danthol bought Loading Human: Chapter 1 and Schleis bought Ghostbusters; you can listen to us share our woes.

We talk about these upcoming games, The Walker PSVRPervader VR PSVRThe X Animal PSVR (this is a weird one). Fated: Silent Oath and Korix both get release dates.

We finish up this episode with news from DarknetTree Fortress Games developers of HoloBall,and mCable.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

Videogame cover band Minibosses

Sweet Talk video

AirPano (St Petersburg Russia, waterfall)

Story about Chinese videogame console ban.

PSVRLIFE 019: Fully Awake & Putting Shirts on Walls

In this episode Schleis gives a farewell to Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny Games, Danthol corrects a mistake about Soul Axiom. We both got Leave the Nest, and if your wavering on whether or not to buy it, have a listen.

Upcoming games we talk about are Korix a complex tower defense game, Statik: Institute of Retention super unique puzzle gameKarnage Chronicles Co-Op RPG Semi-polished archery and dual sword game, stationary, Star Trek Bridge Crew news, a couple Japan store only games Steel Combat and Megadimension Neptunia VIIR, a game we might have covered before but it just looks so cool, The Persistence, and last but not least, a new 3D 360 VR Experience called Passengers VR Experience.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

Sony making VR demo for Vive…?!

Farpoint co-op video

4.5 improves move controller tracking

Vive Studios games are coming to PSVR

​Improve 3D Blu-ray quality by turning off noise reduction

PSVRLIFE 018: Snacks on Mars and Cleavage Simulator

Oh, happy day! Episode eighteen of the PSVR Life is here! This week we talk about ​Dirt Rally VR, Unearthing Mars, Cyber Danganronpa Class Trial VR, Resident Evil 7​, Darknet, and flat games Clicker Heroes​ and Horizon Zero Dawn.

We also discuss Ancient Amuletor, Reborn, Lighting End, Leave the nest, Soul Axiom (additional research shows no PSVR support planned, sorry)​, and Lost Cave.

News stories include: Top 10 PSVR downloads for February and 4.5 patch with 3D Blu-ray, Boost Mode, and improved VR display is live.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

PSVR Dirt Rally league.

Clicking Bad browser game.

Dredd 3D Bluray.

Double Fine meaning (Danthol was mostly right).

Job Simulator Overwatch.