PSVRLIFE 013: The carpet is sinking, and the ceiling said “SOS”.

The lucky thirteenth episode of The PSVR Life Podcast! This week we talk about Dexed, The Playroom VR, Loading Human – Chapter 1, VirZOOM Arcade, Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial, Mervils: A VR Adventure, Dying: Reborn PSVR, Dirt Rally, Radial G, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, and Perfect.

We continue to spread the news of all things PSVR including, but not limited to talk about the RE Engine, Unreal Engine 4.15, tips for combating nausea, patches for Headmaster and Perfect, and SALES SALES SALES!

We have a listener mail (Thanks Steve B!) and a poll about VR sickness with surprising numbers!

PSVRLIFE 007: Stabbing Bananas and Vertical Explosion.

Episode 007 is here for your Listening pleasure!

This week we talk about new releases Lethal VRFruit Ninja, Rollercoaster Dreams. News stories are Crytek closing studio locations, the Power Rangers Experience, and no Final Fantasy XV VR mode in December. We speculate about the new YouTube 1.09 patch as well as other new/upcoming/failed video and media player apps on the PS Store.

In this episode, we also introduce a new segment “Life Choices”, and break down our top ten games to buy from 2016.

2.Eagle Flight
3.Werewolves Within
4.Pinball FX2 VR
7.I Expect You To Die
8.Driveclub VR
9.Robinson: The Journey

PSVRLIFE 006: Procedurely generated, apparently.


Another week, another episode of the PSVR life podcast, and we have a ton-o-fun on this one.

We chat about upcoming games: online multiplayer Starblood Arena, arcade shooter Super Vectroids, puzzler Fantastic Contraption,  and cross-platform collection Herocade.

Werewolves Within, the fun and sometimes awkward and offensive party game takes up a significant portion of the conversation again. Harmonix didn’t forget about Dre, new release “Perfect”, isn’t, and I Expect You to Die really expects you to have a good time.

We totally fanboy about the PSVR outselling Vive and Rift, discuss the  “Classic” mode and mystery content coming to BattlezoneKill X is a weird game from China (or Japan), Moto Racer 4 only has an “included” VR mode, and hopes that Star Trek Bridge Crew is another great social game round off the show.

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PSVRLIFE 002: Flat games and Pro-life.


Another week, another PSVR podcast! This week we discuss new games Time Machine, Space Rift, and the The Martian Experience, the problems with current gaming media reviewing VR games like they were “flat” games, gamer’s ability to adjust to VR experiences and mitigating VR sickness, and sales numbers of Rift/Vive/GearVR/PSVR and what it means for new software development.

The discussion continues with “currently playing” games including Robinson the Journey, Batman, Super Hyper Cube, Headmaster, Trackmania VR, Eagle Flight, RIGS, and World War Toons. Danthol asks the question about the “placebo effect” of the graphics enhancements of the PS4 Pro on PSVR, and overall impressions of it’s impact on new and upcoming VR games. Our conversation rounds off with speculation about upcoming Ubisoft games Werewolves Within and Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Song at the end of the episode is “PSVR subreddit” by  Michael Brennan.

Enjoy the second episode with Co-hosts Danthol and Schleis! ?

PSVRLIFE 001: PS4 Pro launch day!


It’s time for the first episode of the PSVRLIFE podcast! We have a 45 minute show this time around. It’s fun stuff, I assure you. ?

This episode we talk about HULU and the 12 Monkeys special viewing room, Vrideo and user created content, PS4 Pro supported PSVR games (especially those made with Unreal Engine 4), the upcoming peripheral “Aim Shooter” and the latest game releases like Robinson: The Journey and Eagle Flight. Other topics like having long hair with VR headsets sucks, the PSVR community on reddit is awesome, and PS4 pro out today round off the conversation.

…and now I can get this bad boy plugged and fly around like an eagle for few hours!

Enjoy the first episode with Co-hosts Danthol and Schleis! ?

p.s. Totally forgot to give a shoutout to Shrimptacular on reddit for posting a Target Wishlist app promo that saved me $40 on my PS4 Pro.