PSVRlife 092: Creed and Dark Eclipse

‚ÄčEpisode 92 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and Pete talk about Blind, Dark Eclipse, Megaton Rainfall, and Creed!

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Granblue Fantasy Project Re Link–PRWpCU



Firewall Zero Hour Patch

Oculus Connect 5


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PSVRlife 091: Blind, Unearthing Mars 2, and NeonWall!

Episode 91 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and Travis from The Handicapable Gamer talk about Blind, Honor and Duty: D-day, Unearthing Mars 2, NeonWall, Torn, and Firewall: Zero Hour!

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The Door VR

Downward Spiral: Horus Station

Honor and Duty: D-day beta


Trickster VR: Dungeon Crawler

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The Grand Museum VR

Arca’s Path VR

Home Sweet Home

Dark Eclipse


Battle X: Birth of the Alliance

Sharknado VR

Echoes VR

V of War

Titanic VR

Zero Killed

A.D. 2047


Sony Patents VR Headset That Combats Simulation Sickness With Eye-Tracking And More

Golden Joystick Awards voting for VR game.


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PSVRlife 081: Kona VR, Exorcist, Ranch Planet, and Dark Legion


Episode 81 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and Chris Shugg talk about Ranch Planet, Dark Legion, Kona VR, The Exorcist Legion, Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle, Football Nation VR, and Rec Royale!

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The Persistence




The Walker


Flash Sale

Skyrim VR patch notes

Contagion VR: Outbreak