PSVRlife 111: Eclipse, Space Ribbon, and Shadow Legend VR.

This week Danthol and Ryan chat about Eclipse: Edge of Light, Blind Spot chapter 3, Space Ribbon, and Shadow Legend VR!
Additionally, the hosts talk about upcoming games Iron Man VR, Windlands 2, Final Assault PSVR, and Gorn.

Included news stories and rumors/speculations:

  • Playful Studios, publisher of delayed PSVR game “Star Child”, lays off staff.
  • Alleged Final Fantasy 7 remake screenshot leak shows “VR Menu” music from a soundtrack demo.
  • White Moon Dreams, developer of StarBlood Arena, confirms they are working on new PSVR game.
  • Might there be a new PS VR HMD released in 2020 ahead of the PS5?
  • A discussion about a BBC article titled “What went wrong with virtual reality”?

As usual, there are a ton of laughs, as we speculate on the future of PSVR and other VR HMDs and platforms.

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