PSVRlife 094: BoxVR, Space Junkies, and Crow: The Legend

This week Danthol and Ryan chat about new releases BoxVR and Space Junkies. They also talk about recent releases ASTRO BOT Rescue, Mission Borderlands 2, Crow: The Legend, and Deracine.

Additionally, Ryan previews upcoming PS VR games Renzo Racer and Proze. As usual, there are a ton of laughs, as we speculate on the future of PSVR and other VR HMDs and platforms.

Upcoming games

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned DLC

Firmament crowdfunding success…PSVR confirmed

Peaky Blinders VR tie-in game in 2020

Mars Alive (Kickstarter)

Recent Releases

Immortal Legacy

A Chair in a Room

Space Junkies

Falcon Age – Big Patch with tons of gameplay fixes/improvements

Megalith – New Titan, Aim support and new map (Still) coming soon

Konrads Kittens (Konrad the Kitten 2.0 Update)


PS5 news

Gran Turismo 7 to launch alongside PS5 – unconfirmed ‘leaked’ info

Gorn PSVR conversion process starting soon!

Valve Index $1000

Rift S and Quest $400

The VR Grid
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