PSVRLIFE 022: Dreams of HOTAS

Hey everybody, it’s time for episode twenty two of the PSVR Life podcast! This week, we talk about Mortal Blitz​, EVE Valkyrie, EVE Gunjack, Leave the Nest, Darknet, The Playroom VR, and Virry VR.

We also discuss upcoming games Starblood Arena​, VR Invader​, Giant Cop​, Bridge Crew​, Arizona Sunshine​, Monowheels​, and Herocade.

​News stories include EVE new “stealth” ship class​, CCP about to break even on Valkyrie sales, EVE Valkyrie releasing “Groundrush” free expansion, and the potential of the mCable HDMI upscaler 120hz Gaming Cable​. We finish off with a story of an indie dev giving away sourcecode for his game “Being a Bird”​ and we ask if the new Mac Pro will be VR ready.

Videos and links we talk about on the show

I’m Poppy Video
Dan’s Snek Video
Kill your darlings.
Ho-tas vs Hot-ass