PSVRLIFE 003: Games with virtual balls.


So many games to talk about this week! Holoball, Proton Pulse, Space Rift, Bound, Eagle Flight, and many more. We also talk about the other new releases including VirZoom, Gary the Gull, and Pinball FX VR (for those who were lucky enough to buy it before it was removed from the store). NBA2K17 VR experience isn’t great, but the sales on VR games for Black Friday are.

Time magazine lists the PSVR #6 on the best inventions of 2016, has a VR category for 2016, and all of the nominated VR games are available on the PSVR, and the PSVR HMD is in high demand in Japan.

During the discussion about Holoball, we mention an exploit about the dual paddle serves and a youtube video showing how to beat the game in 10 minutes, Treehouse games requested we remove the video to maintain the leaderboard, and we complied. We will likely repost once the fix is patched in. =)

Enjoy the episode, and leave us a voicemail! ?

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