PSVRLIFE 001: PS4 Pro launch day!


It’s time for the first episode of the PSVRLIFE podcast! We have a 45 minute show this time around. It’s fun stuff, I assure you. ?

This episode we talk about HULU and the 12 Monkeys special viewing room, Vrideo and user created content, PS4 Pro supported PSVR games (especially those made with Unreal Engine 4), the upcoming peripheral “Aim Shooter” and the latest game releases like Robinson: The Journey and Eagle Flight. Other topics like having long hair with VR headsets sucks, the PSVR community on reddit is awesome, and PS4 pro out today round off the conversation.

…and now I can get this bad boy plugged and fly around like an eagle for few hours!

Enjoy the first episode with Co-hosts Danthol and Schleis! ?

p.s. Totally forgot to give a shoutout to Shrimptacular on reddit for posting a Target Wishlist app promo that saved me $40 on my PS4 Pro.

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