PSVRlife 075: Operation Warcade and Lenovo Mirage Camera

​Episode 75 of the PSVRlife is live! This week Danthol and David talk about the new Lenovo Mirage camera, Operation Warcade, WipEout Omega collection, Apex Construct demo, Dirt Rally, Doom VFR and Moss.

Upcoming games

2MD: VR Football

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR (only some portions VR)



XING: The Land Beyond


Moss getting physical release June 12th

Obduction VR mode added

Bridge Crew getting Next Generation Expansion

Share your CoolpaintrVR with the world!

Speculation on new tech for VR screens

Sample video of WipEout in 180VR

VR180 footage of my cat Simon

2 thoughts on “PSVRlife 075: Operation Warcade and Lenovo Mirage Camera

  1. Hi,
    I found your podcasts a couple of weeks ago as I was finding it more and more difficult to find reviews or discussions about forthcoming games/experiences on PSVR, with sites such as IGN etc seeming to move further away from gaming and have more interest in films or tv shows or whatever trend is this week. Over my time with my PSVR I have fallen in and out of love with it, I enjoyed VR Worlds for instance which I believe showed a great glimpse of the potential that VR has and wish that a follow up to London Heist would be released, that showed I believe how close games could come to putting the player in a movie. Then there was farpoint which I have started over and over again, the aim controller i believe is one of the best peripherals out there and adds so much to the gameplay and helps you to become lost in the world and story, although at times the tracking seemed to become wayward. I have probably spent more time on the Starwars Battlefront VR mission than I did playing the single player missions, why can’t they do a Rogue Squadron remake and make a full game. I have nearly lost my stomach during Eve Valkyrie battles and climbed Mount Everest, I have even enjoyed my time playing Bravo Team, but not been brave enough to play Resident Evil 7. But for all the good games that have come out there are so many short, poor games that I worry will make VR another Kinect. I live in hope that more games such as Super Hot are announced and released, that developers continue to take risks and we see more AAA games, with longer game time, come on, imagine a GTA or Farcry VR game, it seems to be mainly indies that are supporting VR, what are the larger developers waiting for? Anyway, thanks to your podcasts I have this weekend purchased ‘Apex Construct’ and although the movement is not perfect, (best to play around in the settings to try and make the best of it), I am enjoying the story and interacting with the world, the experience VR gives you, allowing you to get lost in a world, yesterday I was in a room with some lockers, I must have some how knocked an open door I spun round so fast because I thought there was someone behind me, I nearly pulled the lead out of the head set. I witnessed my brother-in-law drop one of my move controllers, when told to drop an item in the game, these experiences you cannot get playing on a flat screen with a controller, I find it difficult to play normal games now, they cannot hold my interest. Thank you for your podcasts and for helping to support and spread the love for VR.

    • Hey, thanks for listening, Paul! I don’t think PSVR is going to be another Kinect, it’s here for the long haul! [])

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