PSVRlife 093: Welcome back, listeners!

Some rough sketches for the new PSVRlife logo.

This week Danthol and Ryan (new permanent co-host) re-cap the last 6 months of their lives, chat about recent releases for the PS VR, give sneak peaks of upcoming titles Dreams and Vacation Simulator.
We also give impressions on games Table of Tales, QuiVR, Immortal Legacy, the new 3D Rudder, Nintendo Labo, and upcoming Virtual reality headsets.

Thanks for coming back for the next chapter in the PSVRlife podcast. It’s not a comeback, it’s a sequel. [])

Upcoming games

Jupiter and Mars

A Chair in a Room

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Sairento (delayed until June)


PS5 news


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Asshole Physics

Project Spark

What is Super-sampling really?

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Plenty of laughs here. It’s just like going back home. [])