PSVRLIFE 012: The Halved Starfish Biohazard

It’s the dozenth episode of The PSVR Life Podcast; grab a doughnut, and take a listen! This week we talk about YouTube 1.10, ​Atom Universe Early Access,​ Anywhere VR​, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard​, Super Stardust Ultra VR, ​Moto Racer 4, and Bound. We also discuss upcoming games ​Tekken 7, Dexxed, Dimension Hunter, Unearthing Mars, V! No Heroes Allowed R!, and VR Ping Pong. News stories include ​Werewolves Within patch​, Jaunt VR “patch”, Dead or alive extreme 3, Modern Zombie Taxi, Lawnmower Man VR series, and a PSVR Life hack!

Stay tuned (or don’t) for some spoiler chat about Resident Evil 7, and check out the sponsor links on the sidebars of the page.

PSVRLIFE 011: How I learned to stop worrying and love the PSVR

Another week, another episode of the PSVR life podcast! This week we talk about Tumble VR, Starship Disco, Rush of Blood, Volume, Windlands, 100ft Robot Golf, and Lethal VR. Danthol also shares his experience taking the HMD “off road” with Trinus for the PSVR and connecting as a display with the Raspberry Pi. We discuss upcoming games Dirt Rally VR, Darknet, Redemption’s Guild, GNOG, Ace Combat 7, and of course, Resident Evil 7.

During the show we also address how the social media community is reacting to the PSVR software lineup after no new games for a month, Rigs studio Guerrilla Cambridge closing, London Studio layoffs, and limited availability of the Youtube 1.10 VR patch ( at the time of episode release, most people have it now).

PSVRLIFE 010: Advanced rope and hot balls.

Wow, it’s episode 10! We’ve finally reached the double digits! This week, Danthol and Schleis talk about Waddle Home, Windlands, Eagle Flight, Driveclub, and Rush of Blood. We also speculate about rumored upcoming games Knockout League, Earth Defense 5, Sword Art Online, Disaster Report, and Detroit: Become Human.

Sony has released the top ten PSVR downloads, we talk about demos in VR and how they might be improved, the Resident Evil candle, and be sure to check out the Dead or Alive video we were laughing about on the episode.


PSVRLIFE 009: Vrjournalism and Pretentiousness

The first episode of the PSVR life podcast of 2017, and this is another great episode. This week we talk about Headmaster, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Radial-G: Racing Evolved, Apollo 11 VRDying: Reborn, and Resident Evil 7. This week’s news stories include continued limited availability of the PSVR headset (especially internationally), limited release of the youtube 1.09 VR mode patch (neither Danthol nor Schleis have it yet), Lethal VR gets and Windlands get a Pro patch, and a man is bamboozled with a t-shirt and water bottles in his purchased PSVR. Danthol also gives several reviews of Jaunt videos and experiences.

Two special segments this episode! First segment is a discussion of this Gizmodo article. Second segment is a top ten list of New Terms for VR. This is a link for Mercerism, the religion in Do Androids Dream. There was some contention of what “judder” is; this link should help clear it up. The name of the Wright brother’s airplane was the “1903 Flyer”.