RIGS MCL: Most Complete Launch Title


When jumping into RIGS for the first time, the introduction
commences; a beautiful showcase of giant machines piloted by
short, jockey-like characters fly passed you. All whilst the
announcer shoutcasts a hypothetical game, “The crowd goes wild!”.
Even the introduction had my heart pounding… up close the RIGS
possess a beautiful glossy paint job; this shows off how well
Guerrilla Cambridge Games can use up as much power from the
console as possible, just like they did with Killzone Mercenaries on
the PlayStation Vita. After the introduction and the obligatory
health warnings, you begin the tutorial. The tutorial goes a little
too slow for my taste, but it gets the job done well. While playing
through the tutorial you might wonder, “Why is my peripheral
vision blocked?” This is a comfort setting that helps some people
more prone to motion-sickness to better withstand the fast paced,
in-your-face action of this game. After I turned off the default
Dynamic Mask Visor setting, I personally was far more happy

VR: a new Medium

RIGS does have some shortcomings and as I review this game I
understand that I will overlook all of them for the idea of what a
future RIGS game would be. The areas most criticality noted upon
in RIGS are the loading times and overused animations (when
going from match to match). Because the time spent it prematch
and postmatch seems to come close to the time spent in match.
This might look like quite a negative but actually it is a result of
developers being ham-stringed by Sony so make sure that no game
is “too much” for the mass markets first impression to the VR
space[1]. Sony has understandably put up many roadblocks for the
development teams to work around specifically to ensure that the
games don’t get people sick. while users get used to the tech this is
what us gamers are going to have to deal with so as a reviewer I
must try to see past these shortcomings and look into the future of
what the vision of PSVR games will be once the media is over
“Motion Sickness Madness”.

Motion Sickness What?

Motion sickness is not something I am familiar with, never have
been, probably never will. So when I was reading other reviews for
VR games most of the reviewers spend a lot of time on motion
sickness. This has no relevance in a review for a game that should
be marketed to people who have acquired VR Legs or members of
the Iron Stomach Club. As a new Medium we must define the
rules to help the VR market succeed and grow into what it can
ultimately be, a glorious virtual space where anything is possible. If
the games media doesn’t evolve we will keep seeing crippled games
that could be so much more.



This is the most important part of any Virtual Reality review,
without immersion VR is not virtually emulating reality. A VR
game with a low level of immersion will not only make the game
less fun but it can also give you a headache. The sense of
immersion in RIGS is prominent, putting you inside a body of a
mech jockey (these pilots are super short) when you look down and
see your body move as you move is a sight to be seen, or rather an
experience to be had. At the end of every match you are in your
teams jet and when you look out of the plane you can see the wing
over the clouds, when you stick your head outside of the glass
window you can hear the wind brushing passed your head.

The most immersive moment of RIGS was a subtle and most
impressive aspect of the arena design, it was something I didn’t
even notice until a couple of hours in; throughout most arenas the
crowd is watching you within the arena looking through the glass
cheering your team on. These spaces remind me of super expensive
skyboxes in real life sports, I wonder how much those patrons paid
to get that close to the action.

The Arena design really makes you feel like you’re in some pretty
famous places with landmarks such as the Hoover dam in Nevada.
The design is so good you actually feel like you’re there.

Offline Leagues

Throughout my playthrough of the offline division I developed a
newfound love for sports games I didn’t know I had. When
starting offline mode you start at division 3 and work your way up
to division 1 each division consists of ten matches and a
tournament sprinkled in between your league matches. The way
Guerrilla Games has set up Offline play it quickly teaches you to
tackle each game mode with different strategies, by way of play
style and your choice of RIG.

Starting offline mode you must pick a team, this is your team that
will be with you for a whole Division. What stood out to me was
the way the different team names and emblems for the teams made
me feel like the team I picked mattered, even though it doesn’t. I
had a hard time picking between The Kings and The Dragons. The
former is represented by a pharaoh emblem and the latter is
represented be a dragon that looks like it was made to look as close
to Shenron from Dragon Ball Z as they could without getting into
legal disputes. Being a huge Dragon Ball fan I picked The Dragons
but if The Kings were called The Pharaohs it would have been a
harder choice.

After choosing your team you have to hire teammates, the
teammates that you are allowed to hire depends on how famous
you are. Fame is measured by your followers and you can acquire
more followers based upon how well you do throughout the
matches. Personally I didn’t hire better teammates until halfway
through the second division because I was good enough to win
every match almost by myself. Once I needed better teammates I
quickly realized that I wasn’t as good as I thought; this only
motivated be to learn how to do advanced maneuvers to best the
harder AI.

At the end of a Division the teammates you picked are obviously
excited whilst celebrating in your teams jet. They hold up the
trophy you all have won and slam it next to you on your table
creating a sense of immersion that makes me feel like I’ve made a

The offline mode is great fun, but really its practice for online
mode where you can put your skill up against others who have won
the same trophies as you.


Game Types

Each of the 3 game types play differently, they consist of
Powerslam, Team Takedown, and Endzone. All though the means
of victory varies the root mechanics is what you must master.
These game types heavily force the choice upon the player what
RIG type to choose.

Power Slam

Power Slams rules are reminiscent of Rocket League, that being if
Rocket League is Soccer with cars then Power Slam is basketball
with Mechs. The rules are simple, fill up your overdrive meter and
go through the basket. There are two ways to fill up your overdrive
meter, get three takedowns (kills) or pick up orbs. Mastering this
game type is all about using RIGs that can jump high and move
fast, much like basketball.

What RIGs to use?

Tempests, these are RIGS that fly! Flying RIGS make it easy to get
in the goal! The only negative is that they can be taken down the

Mirage! All around best suited for every game type, they can
double jump and are moderately fast.

Any engineer, engineers are perfect for making sure the team gets
to where they need to go, just look at your teammates and the
engineer class will heal them, perfect when your mates ate close to
the goal but are one missile away from death.

Team Takedown

This mode is the simplest, its just team death match so go out
there and take them down!

What RIGs to use?

Sentinels, they are the tanks and can take a beating, many of their
weapons deal massive damage.
Any Vampire, after getting a takedown all health is refilled!


Endzone is hardest to grasp and the most difficult to master. This
is American Football with Mechs. Each match starts with a
Football in the middle and your team must bring the ball to the
opponents endzone to score a touchdown. If you have the ball you
can pass it to a teammate for extra strategy with the L3 button.
This is the mode played by the most competitive because it
highlights every RIGS advantages and disadvantages, making for
surprising opportunities for teamwork.

What RIGs to use?

Hunters are the all star here as they are the quarterback, just make
sure your team has a healthy variety of different class RIGs to help
get the hunter to the endzone.


Competitive VR Online

I can’t stress enough how fun this game is to play online with
friends, the level of teamwork you can put in to make sure your
team makes it out on top. Multiplayer is what makes RIGS a game
to have in your VR library. Simply being in this game you forget
you are in a game. Multiple times being in a RIG I forgot I was
sitting there playing a video game.

Matchmaking at launch was lackluster but after the 1.05 update
RIGs Matchmaking was streamlined with the ability to


There is so much to unlock in this game: visors, victory dances,
suits and RIGs. All of them being cosmetic except for the different
RIGs you can unlock.

Replay Value Galore

After having the PlayStation VR for over a month the only game I
keep coming back to is RIGs I have spent well over 80 hours in
RIGs the price is perfect for the amount of replay value RIGs has
to offer. Any fan of competitive shooters would love to spend their
time in this virtual reality.


All in All this game is for the people most enthusiastic about VR,
RIGs does everything right. This is my first game review because I
was sick of reading reviews that were not reviewing this game as
one of the first games in this space, other reviewers were lumping
in their flat game baggage into this new medium. If RIGS MCL is
just the beginning of greatness I cant wait for what’s next.

Immersion: 10/10

This is about how well the game tricks you into forgetting you are in a
You feel like you are in a Mech, enough said.

Vision: 10/10

This is about the overall style and what the developers are trying to get
you to feel.
The vision of RIGs is prestigious, guerrilla nailed the sports star
vibes and sense of scale of a world where mechs are the pass time
of the world.

Graphics: 10/10

Is the game pretty?
Beautiful effects fully cascade you into this world and into the seat
of your very own RIG

Sound: 10/10

how is the audio quality? Is the soundtrack good?
The 3D Audio lets you know where shots are coming from and
where a RIG is coming from behind you. If you close your eyes you
could probably still play this game, unlike any other.

Gameplay: 10/10

All about gameplay mechanics, are the controls good? Is it fun?
The amount of detail put into the mechanics really blew me away. I
did not expect this much depth in a launch title of an add on to a

Replay Value: 10/10

How much time can you get out of it, will you want to keep coming back
for more?
I can play this game everyday and never get enough.

Price to Worth: 10/10

VR is a new medium, some developers might try to charge more then the
title is worth.
They could have gotten away with charging $60 USD and I still
would have been happy.

Options for Comfort: 10/10

Does this game give you the ability to control the amount of motion
seen? Does it let you turn off comfort settings?
This game has many comfort options for people who are not yet
accustomed to VR and it gives you the options to turn them off,
thats all I need the options to turn them off.

Loading Times: 8/10

How much time does the game make you wait before you can start

The one thing holding it down but if you have a PS4 pro (I don’t )
it helps. Understandably this game packs a punch, the best looking
game on PSVR so far.

Need of Sequel: 10/10

Would anybody want a sequel for this game? It can go both ways
positively I will elaborate on why i give the score I give.
Give me sequel, the need of more. If this game is as good as it is I
can’t wait until more PS4 owners get their hands on a PSVR. This
is the kind of game that should get yearly releases.

Pro support?: Yes

This is a note for people who want to know, doesn’t effect the score.
Improved? That’s an understatement, when people ask me does
the PS4 Pro even matter all I have to do is get them to try RIGs
side by side and this is the only VR game that has noticeably
improved greatly.


Final score: 98/100

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Time magazine lists the PSVR #6 on the best inventions of 2016, thegameawards.com has a VR category for 2016, and all of the nominated VR games are available on the PSVR, and the PSVR HMD is in high demand in Japan.

During the discussion about Holoball, we mention an exploit about the dual paddle serves and a youtube video showing how to beat the game in 10 minutes, Treehouse games requested we remove the video to maintain the leaderboard, and we complied. We will likely repost once the fix is patched in. =)

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The discussion continues with “currently playing” games including Robinson the Journey, Batman, Super Hyper Cube, Headmaster, Trackmania VR, Eagle Flight, RIGS, and World War Toons. Danthol asks the question about the “placebo effect” of the graphics enhancements of the PS4 Pro on PSVR, and overall impressions of it’s impact on new and upcoming VR games. Our conversation rounds off with speculation about upcoming Ubisoft games Werewolves Within and Star Trek Bridge Crew.

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…and now I can get this bad boy plugged and fly around like an eagle for few hours!

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p.s. Totally forgot to give a shoutout to Shrimptacular on reddit for posting a Target Wishlist app promo that saved me $40 on my PS4 Pro.